Future Friday: Finding the Perfect Used Car with Smart Glasses

Augmented auto appraisals

Not everyone’s a car enthusiast. For most people, buying a used vehicle is a headache - but an unfortunate reality. It’s difficult finding a vehicle that doesn’t turn into a ‘money pit on wheels.’ Could Smart Glasses help you sort the reliable rides from the clunkers?

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For the middle-class, used auto ownership is a way of life. Leasing and buying new cars is a luxury many can’t afford.

Instead, consumers are forced to lean on Craigslist and other classified ads sites to fill their mobility needs. But how to tell if that ‘random person from the internet’ isn’t hiding something from you?

Could Smart Glasses save you from engine troubles?
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How Smart Glasses could be your ‘friend who knows cars’

In the hopes of dodging used car scams, most people bring along their gear head friend. Unfortunately, we don’t all have one.

Could AR offer a suitable replacement?

Peak into a future where Smart Glasses turn you into an auto expert:

  • See and scan: Like a doctor providing a diagnosis, users could scan engines with a glance. Problems could be highlighted digitally, alerting you to an oil pump that needs replacing. The same could be done for parts under the car, ensuring those brake pads are at least 3-6mm thick.
  • Rust radar: Especially if you feel rushed by the seller, the inspection process can be stressful. Walking around the car to find rust or paint chips with the naked eye isn’t ideal. What if your lenses could automatically pick up early warning signs?
  • Frame game: Like hanging a painting at home, it’s tough making sure a chassis is level. What if you had an on-demand leveler? Warped parts and evidence of a recent accident wouldn’t be able to hide.
  • Remote expertise: Say you have an uncle abroad who knows cars. With Smart Glasses, he could see your first-person view on his smartphone, highlighting problem areas with animation software. Vuzix Smart Glasses offer video calling, so this is already possible!

Today’s mechanics can stream their view to off-site experts. One day, Smart Glasses could automatically find mechanical issues.

Bye-bye buyer’s remorse

Smart Glasses could give consumers the tools they need to make sensible purchases. Whether it’s a car, basketball hoop or laptop, the ability to scan items for defects is a game changer.

So is streaming to an off-site expert.

As technology advances, products are more complicated than ever. The average shopper isn’t an expert in every field. AR could fill this knowledge gap.

Making all the benefits of your smartphone accessible hands-free, see what else Smart Glasses are capable of:

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