Future Friday: Food Information Displayed on AR Smart Glasses

Find out What’s Safe to Eat with Health Information Display on Smart Glasses

Food poisoning is the worst. Indeed, it seems unavoidable at times. After all, it’s difficult pinpointing what could make you feel ill. However, imagine seeing a meal’s health information before taking a bite.

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Smart Glasses will be able to display your meal’s health information. Credit: The Georgia Straight

With smart glasses, this will soon be possible. Granted, the technology is just emerging from its infancy.

Today, products including the Vuzix Blade eliminate the need to use your smartphone. Eventually, AR smart glasses will replace phones entirely.

Dieting with Augmented Reality

Already, apps like Yelp© on the Vuzix Blade allow users to access info without taking their eyes off the prize.

Consequently, the same logic could be applied to food. One day, health information could be broadcast in the corner of your eye after looking at a questionable plate of street food.

It could provide a ‘green’ rating for food that’s safe to eat. Additionally, it could display the calorie amount for those looking to cut.

One Glance will Tell you How Many Calories are in your Favorite Snacks. Credit: Pacific Standard

Vuzix Envisions the Next Digital Revolution

Additionally, a user could flag allergies. As a result, dairy, nuts, or gluten could appear above meals under question.

This could easily be done in a user’s settings.

Ultimately, AR smart glasses will soon change almost every aspect of our lives. Overwhelmingly, this change will be for the better.

After all, there are few among us interested in suffering the consequences of undercooked steak.

A Disclaimer Note from the Author: On Fridays we often let our imagination run wild at Vuzix. With our ‘Future Friday’ segment, we explore the endless possibilities offered by smart glasses. We encourage you to provide your feedback as your input will help us make these dreams a reality.

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