Future Friday: Game Night Comes to Life with Smart Glasses

The future of ‘Having a night in’

Going out on the town became impossible during the 2020 pandemic. Game nights became regular for families to fight quarantine boredom. As augmented reality (AR) grows in popularity, smart glasses could be staples of future game nights.

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The marriage between hands-free digital specs and board games is a natural one.

Overall game and toy sales surged between March and June 2020. Over that same period, investment in AR tech increased.

Smart glasses could bring dice rolls to the 4th dimension.
Credit: Daily Hive

Bring excitement to the board (bored)

COVID-19 will forever change the way people interact. There’s no telling when things return to normal.

We need new ways to enjoy the new normal. With smart glasses, AR could improve game night in the following ways:

  1. Bring characters and objects to life: While playing Clue, murder weapons and suspects could hover above their respective cards. To make this happen, manufacturers could collaborate with software engineers. Nintendo already does this with AR cards.
  2. Get up and move: Especially in times of crisis, mental health is key. Mini-games could encourage players to pop 4D bubbles or battle virtual monsters in hand-to-hand combat.
  3. Design your world: Devoted players could model characters and environments in virtual realms. Only visible through lenses, guests could participate in your creations.
  4. Play from anywhere: Even if visits aren’t possible, game night goes on. Gamers could design avatars and superimpose them onto any living room with smart glasses. Playing Jumanji? Customize the area around the playing surface to look like a jungle. You could also choose from templates created by the manufacturer.

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses could soon be the star of Friday nights at home.
Credit: Tom’s Hardware

An Augmented Gaming Era

Virtual happy hours and online party games filled a void in the spring of 2020.

With the threat of a second coronavirus wave, developers are encouraged to give more attention to at-home gaming experiences.

While board games push the imagination to new levels, smart glasses could make it easier to immerse ourselves in imagined worlds.

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