Future Friday: How AR Gaming on Smart Glasses will Revolutionize an Industry

Unlimited potential with AR gaming

The gaming industry continues its shift to mobile devices. Evidently, this trend is unstoppable – as most gaming sessions now take place on smaller screens. However, when smart glasses replace 5.5” screens, AR gaming will change the digital ball game.

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We were all introduced to AR (augmented reality) with Pokemon Go. Consequently, the game’s unrivaled popularity gives developer Niantic a $4 billion value.

It’s success spawned Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and other attempts to replicate the game’s magic. As a result, AR gaming has proven to be more than a flash in the wireless pan.

Augmented reality will turn gamers into virtual fighter pilots
Credit: Wired UK

Gaming: evolved

However, smartphones present many obstacles to AR gaming:

  • Eyes on the prize: When on foot, users must take their eyes off the path to look at their phone.
  • Safety concerns: Looking at your phone means you’re not looking where you’re going.
  • Vision challenges: Smartphones and tablets ask us to concentrate on small areas. Smart glasses span your entire field of vision, limiting eye strain.

“With smart glasses, there is no disconnect between gaming device and gaming experience”

Furthermore, AR gaming will become more intuitive as popularity skyrockets.

With smart glasses, every environment is an AR gaming arena
Credit: Road to VR

AR gaming in the 2020s – and beyond

After the lockdown ends, smart glasses present endless ways to drastically improve AR gaming:

  • Fantasy sports: Whenever a player on your roster hits a 3-pointer or scores a touchdown, graphics can note the effect on your league’s scoreboard.
  • City = playground: scavenger hunts and augmented tourism become seamless. Virtual points of interest automatically pop-up during strolls down the sidewalk.
  • Get off the couch: smart glasses can make games so immersive that backyards or parks become gaming stations.
  • Gamified life: everyday tasks, like recycling or conversations can be turned into games. Even cooking skills can be honed, as users collect virtual points and complete challenges.

Indeed, the examples listed barely scratch the surface.

As smart glasses and AR gaming become more popular, innovators will push the boundaries of what’s possible. Evidently, there will be ample opportunity. The augmented reality industry is already worth nearly $19 billion.

While today’s kids cling to tablets and smartphones, tomorrow’s will find hands-free immersion.

A Disclaimer Note from the Author: On Fridays we often let our imagination run wild at Vuzix. With our ‘Future Friday’ segment, we explore the endless possibilities offered by smart glasses. We encourage you to provide your feedback as your input will help us make these dreams a reality.
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