Future Friday: How Smart Glasses Could Change Kitchen Life

Virtual chefs

According to a recent survey, millennials cook less than any generation in American history. This comes as no surprise in this era of speed and convenience.

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Is this because young Americans are lazy? Do they lack the time and energy to put together a nice home-cooked meal? Or, are they completely indifferent to the culinary arts – wrapped-up in their dating apps and Instagram feeds?

One thing is for sure: this isn’t due to a lack of passion or interest in cooking. In fact, millennials spend more time watching cooking shows than boomers and Gen X-ers.

Millennials hate cooking -– could technology provide a fix? Credit: PureWow

Walk me through this

How could this be? A host of reasons account for the gap. For starters, the smartphone generation has brought about a rise in quick and easy ways to access ready-made food.

Nevertheless, subscription-based meal kit apps like Home Chef and Sun Basket make cooking easier than ever. They take care of the need to prep any meal - so why aren’t millennials more spatula-savvy?

The answer could be found in the way those born in the 80s and beyond interact with the world. Young Americans relate to computer interfaces more than cookbooks.

What if a technology came around that recognized this?

Smart glasses could make cooking more intuitive for millennials and Gen Z Credit: Aryzon YouTube Video

Smarter cooks with smart glasses

While cooking shows – whether on YouTube or the Food Network – provide visual walkthroughs for any meal, the experience isn’t seamless. Viewers must constantly pause and rewind their shows, and the end result rarely matches the on-screen product.

Smart glasses could make things more intuitive for digital natives. Each step could be broadcast in the corner of one’s eye – along with demo videos. As a user cooks more frequently with their glasses, an AI Engine could map the interior of one’s kitchen.

Ultimately, it would be like Google Maps for cooking.

This technology could also be used by professional chefs, eliminating the challenges of learning a new kitchen layout or tricky dish.

Could smart glasses get a generation in the kitchen?

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