Future Friday: Making Blockbuster Movies at Home with Smart Glasses

Infinite content at no cost

Streaming companies like Netflix spend hundreds of millions of dollars on shows that (hopefully) keep viewers satisfied. Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced sets to close and countless productions were grounded. What if anyone could create Hollywood-level blockbusters from their living room?

With augmented reality (AR), this isn’t far-fetched. Today, anyone can make a video. Smartphones and the apps they support have changed the way we create and consume content.

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Yet, videos produced by your average teenager still pale in comparison to those made by film studios. But what if you didn’t need world-renowned actors and visual effects teams to share your stories with the world?

Tony Stark uses augmented reality (AR) to lead the Avengers. Could we use it to make movies from the comfort of our own home?
Credit: Medialist

Making anyone a filmmaker

Technology has a tendency to advance much quicker than we expect. Consider how smartphones have eliminated the need to leave the house. Shopping? Socializing? Entertainment? Look no further than that 6” screen.

By eliminating physical screens and turning your bedroom into a production house, here’s how Smart Glasses could turn anyone into Steven Spielberg:

  1. Drag and drop: Like dressing a character in The Sims, users could summon a floating 3D clothing menu with their voice. Offering endless digitally-rendered selections that users could grab and place on characters, nothing would be off the table. App developers could pre-load millions of objects, meaning even toddlers could stretch their creative muscles by designing the secret lab, school or space station of their dreams.
  2. Characters galore: Imagine being able to place Robert Downey Jr. in one of your scenes. Even better, upload your friend’s photos and see them reimagined in a virtual environment. Casts could feature both established Hollywood stars and...your parents?
  3. Share your creations: Like any other app, creations could be shared with an online community. Taking a break from your own production? Sit back and take in your neighbor’s 30-minute film starring talking dinosaurs. The world’s best producers could develop followings, meaning influencers-of-the-future could create entire worlds for us to explore.
  4. Endless collaborations: Want to share your work with a colleague or friend? You could speak over video chat to agree on dialogue for your next scene, or whether the film’s tone should be light-hearted or ominous. The world’s best creators could unite, finishing masterpieces without ever leaving the house.
  5. Complete control: Camera filters, background music, dialogue and more would be left up to creators. Eventually, users could decide if films should be animated or life-like. Ever wonder how video game graphics look so real? Soon, there will be no way to distinguish scenes that were animated from those shot on location in Hollywood.

Imagine creating an entire Pixar-style animated movie - without any coding or graphic design knowledge.
Credit: Next Reality

A world of creators

One day, Smart Glasses could solve the expensive problem facing production houses and streaming services. Movies and TV shows aren’t cheap. In fact, only half make their money back.

Giving everyone the power of a multi-million-dollar film studio would give viewers an infinite supply of shows to choose from. More importantly, it would help identify true talents - meaning creative prodigies would no longer be hidden by a lack of opportunity.

The children of movie stars or big-time producers wouldn’t always be given first crack at bringing their projects to life.

Regrettably, the world of film is limited by financial realities. Passion pieces are often thrown out in favor of scripts that appeal to the masses. As a result, film junkies complain endlessly about blockbuster films and how they sacrifice art for profit.

What if the playing field was leveled, giving critics the tools to prove they know better?

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