Future Friday: Running with Smart Glasses a Jogger’s Dream

Everyone's running buddy of the future

For many runners, it’s all about that time. Reaching and surpassing one’s personal best (in style) is important. In the data age, smart glasses could become the running community’s favorite accessory.

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This should come as no surprise. Apps like Strava and Runkeeper have gained immense popularity in recent years.

People love tracking their time and sharing it with a community of users.

Smart glasses are a natural remedy for awkward mid-run smartphone checks.
Credit: Mpora

Shave a few seconds off your personal best

Many credit new personal bests and lifestyle overhauls to these apps. However, lugging around a smartphone to gather stats isn’t ideal.

For the following reasons, smart glasses could be your favorite running mate:

  1. Eyes on the prize: Display that runtime in the corner of your eye. Customize how prominent you want it displayed in settings.
  2. On-call navigation: Trying out a new route? Summon your map mid-run with voice commands.
  3. Own the leaderboard: Need some extra motivation? Display the best times in your community for local routes.
  4. Hands-free photography: Take pictures of your run with your voice. Simply direct your gaze at points-of-interest and give the command. Share these images with the running community.
  5. Heart-rate monitor: Summon your BPM at any time during your run.
  6. Lighter than your phone: Unlike bulky, intrusive smartphones, feel free to give 100% to your run.

Smart glasses are soon to be a runner’s best friend. View video here.

Augmented exercise

Smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) are expected to become mainstream in the 2020s.

The global pandemic likely sped up this timeline, as both individuals and businesses navigate the new normal. Innovation is paramount.

For those unable to meetup with Monday night running groups, running apps become more important. Virtual runs keep us connected.

Soon, there’ll be no need to lug that smartphone along. Smart glasses bring a hands-free element to an activity that demands everything you’ve got.

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