Future Friday: Smart Glasses An Astronaut’s Favorite Tool?

Smart Glasses in space

If Hollywood’s taught us anything, space is unforgiving. Astronauts need all the help they can get. Could hands-free Smart Glasses give them an advantage?

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Films like Gravity and Interstellar feature spacesuits with heads-up displays (HUDs). Vital info like oxygen supply, trajectory and mission status are broadcasted onto visors.

With voice controls, Smart Glasses could be used in pressurized environments.

Films like Gravity demonstrate how Smart Glasses could make life easier for astronauts
Credit: USA Today

From NASA to the ISS, the possibilities are endless

It’s not that far-fetched to think Smart Glasses and augmented reality (AR) could soon exit the atmosphere.

Here’s how Smart Glasses could improve an astronaut’s working conditions:

  1. No bubble, no problem: Spacesuits are bulky. Safely inside a capsule, astronauts shouldn’t have to wear these massive suits to enjoy the benefits of a HUD. Smart Glasses could be worn in oxygen-rich atmospheres for comfort - and style.
  2. Space training: Rookie astronauts going on ‘space walks’ could receive guidance from veterans. Safely inside a capsule, these pros could see exactly what trainees see.
  3. Drone control: This is already possible on earth, but astronauts could operate drones and other machinery from the safety of their spacecraft. They could even do so using nothing but their voice.
  4. Recreation: After a long day of spacefaring, augmented reality could entertain the crew. Endless games and shows could make teams feel at home.

Smart Glasses like the Vuzix Blade (pictured) give users hands-free control of a heads-up display (HUD)
Image credit: Wall Street Nation

Smart Glasses an interstellar mainstay?

As the space race enters a new age, innovation is needed to navigate the many hurdles of interstellar travel.

Hands-free, voice-controlled Smart Glasses could make tasks easier for astronauts. Additionally, the tech could use augmented reality to distract crews from the fact home is over 60 miles beneath them.

Do you think Smart Glasses will be a mainstay in humanity’s attempt to populate the galaxy?

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