Future Friday: Smart Glasses and Lifeguarding

AR Baywatch

A lifeguard’s day is no picnic. There are few jobs that ask us to be so alert over such long periods of time. Be it public beach or pool, the art of protecting the public from drowning could be made more efficient by AR (augmented reality).

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After all, an unencumbered, focused mind is required to stay vigilant over extended periods of time in the sun. Even then, the view from the guard tower isn’t crystal clear.

Smart glasses could make a lifeguard’s job infinitely easier. Credit: Aquatic Group

With potentially thousands of people under a guard’s watch, it’s difficult to notice one bobbing head submerge and fail to surface.

Augmented lifeguarding

Each year, nearly 4,000 people drown at American beaches. Evidently, much can still be done to improve the efficiency of those sporting red shirts and white crosses.

Smart glasses could provide a solution. Using facial recognition software, the glasses could notify wearers of an individual’s absence in a large crowd. Users would need to opt-in to a database that would provide lifeguards with access to their face.

AR would make David Hasselhoff’s iconic beach sprints far more effective. Credit: Slash Film

This technology is already being used by security personnel at event venues.

Forget the manual

Lenses could highlight a drowning swimmer and notify the entire lifeguard team of their position. The lifesaving process could then be broadcast, providing instructions to each team member in real-time.

These live prompts could update throughout the entire rescue, ending with a step-by-step CPR walkthrough.

If David Hasselhoff and his team had smart glasses during the 9-year run of Baywatch, the show would’ve been much less dramatic.

Instead, the show would’ve shifted genres into the sci-fi realm. Featuring hyper-efficient lifesaving professionals, perhaps this concept could be used when the popular franchise is rebooted once again.

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