Future Friday: Smart Glasses Could Save Lives with AR First Aid

Smart glasses, smarter first responders

Accidents happen. However, that doesn’t excuse us from not being prepared when disaster strikes. After all, paramedics and lifeguards aren’t always around to provide lifesaving first aid.

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However, as always, a solution can be found in modern technology.

Even for those of us without medical or first aid training, smart glasses could one day walk us through the process of saving a life - as it happens.

Smart glasses like the Vuzix Blade could one day enable anyone to save a life. Credit: Tom’s Guide

First Aid AR

Augmented reality first aid means a user could slap on a pair of smart glasses to perform life-saving procedures.

Live prompts could be displayed in real-time to wearers via smart glass lenses.

Additionally, a series of visuals could be broadcast in sequence that teach perfect Heimlich maneuver form. Various life saving actions could be taught on-the-spot as any situation requires.

A community of first aid responders

As a result, smart glasses could equip entire communities with the ability to perform CPR.

Smart glasses could one day give anyone the ability to perform CPR - no training required. Credit: News Medical Life Sciences

There’d be no need to memorize protocol or attempt resuscitation to the beat of the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive.”

Ultimately, there’d be no need to search for a qualified first responder or scream “who’s trained in first aid?” in the wake of an accident.

Instead, anyone with a pair of smart glasses and a pair of hands could play hero.