Future Friday: Smart Glasses Could Soon be an Interior Designer’s Favorite Tool

Smart glasses could bring out the interior decorator in all of us

Finding the perfect place for each and every item in your apartment can be stressful. Indeed, the art of feng shui isn’t for the faint of heart. As with most pursuits, technology could provide a way to ease the decorating process.

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Any innovation in this space is welcome by both hobbyist and professional alike. After all, moving things around your apartment takes a great deal of time and effort.

A failed experiment means you have to put everything back in its original place.

Augmented reality is already easing the lives of many interior decorators. Credit: Somyx

Smart glasses, smarter décor

Using augmented reality, smart glasses could ease the burden of aspiring Marie Kondos.

Furthermore, they could allow enthusiasts and professionals greater design capabilities.

Smart glasses could digitally render each object in a user’s space, allowing them to test different layouts without straining their back. Instead, they could manipulate virtual versions of their furniture.

Easy experimentation

The glasses could project a mini version of any room into the user’s eyes through the lenses. Additionally, wearers would be able to place weightless, digital versions of furniture in new spots.

Smart glasses could let us play with our wildest design fantasies – minus the back pain. Credit: TechGadgetsCanada

You could see if your couch looks better along an adjacent wall. Meanwhile, you could place a projection of your TV where the couch currently sits.

The possibilities are endless and are sure to bring out the interior designer in all of us.

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