Future Friday: Smart Glasses to Revolutionize Tourism

Travel made better with AR tourism

In 2016, the travel and tourism industry generated $7.6 trillion USD. Clearly, the need to experience new places and see new things is a pillar of the human condition. Travel satisfies that inherent itch we have for adventure in a number of ways.

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We’re exposed to different cultures, customs and cuisine. Additionally, we gain a fresh perspective on our own lives.

Virtual Tour Guides

Many travelers gain an understanding of new environments through tour guides. These ambassadors are fountains of local knowledge. Some are able to answer even the most obscure location-specific questions.

Smart glasses will soon allow us to experience new places like we can on tablets and smartphones. Credit: Towards Data Science

However, travel guides can be pricey. Moreover, some enjoy exploring alone. For these reasons and more smart glasses will one day be a tourist’s best friend.

Wondering about that impressive building to your left? It’s name, history and purpose could be displayed in the corner of your eye.

Augmented reality and tourism

Similarly, smart glasses could broadcast a bus station’s schedule, or let you know when the next train is expected.

AR tourism will forever change the way we travel and enrich our experiences. Credit: Medium.com

Set to one day replace smartphones, these advanced gadgets are already able to project a restaurant’s Yelp rating based on your location.

Evidently, this has major implications for travel enthusiasts. Soon, smart glasses will help you feel like a local in any new destination.

A Disclaimer Note from the Author: On Fridays we often let our imagination run wild at Vuzix. With our ‘Future Friday’ segment, we explore the endless possibilities offered by smart glasses. We encourage you to provide your feedback as your input will help us make these dreams a reality.