Future Friday: Smarter Golf with Smart Glasses?

Fairway obsession

They say more deals are closed on golf courses than in boardrooms. This could be the case, with the global golf industry valued at nearly $70 billion.

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Whether it’s the PGA, LPGA or a group of friends enjoying a Sunday on the links, golf as a pastime has captivated much of the world since its early days in 15th-century Scotland.

Today, entire lives revolve around the sport. Both professionals and amateurs alike spend every waking moment mastering their swing and perfecting their short game.

Smart glasses could change golf forever. Credit: Digital Trends

A site of ingenuity

This labor of love has given birth to endless innovation. From the simulators lining the walls at indoor driving ranges to club-mounted laser pointers, the sport has become the site of many technological advances.

This trend shows no signs of stopping. Countless smartphone apps accompany golfers from hole 1 through 18, tracking every conceivable stat with rapidly improving accuracy.

As a result, it’s only a matter of time before smart glasses push the white, round envelope a bit further.

You can already hit an animated fairway with the Vuzix Blade

Augmented reality on the links

The possibilities are endless. For starters, basic stats including distance and height could be tracked without the need to take your eyes off the ball.

Additionally, lenses could capture exactly where a golfer’s club makes contact with the ball and broadcast form-perfecting tips, along with visual aids, in real-time.

Ultimately, smart glasses are a natural fit in the golf world. Turning a golfer’s sunglasses into their most valuable tool on the course will take time, but would be undeniably worth it for those pursuing fairway excellence.

Maybe the next Tiger Woods will be the first golfer to incorporate smart glasses into his - or her - strategy.

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