Future Friday: The Brain Trainer of Tomorrow?

Cognitive training with AR could succeed where smartphones struggle

It’s official - people like improving themselves. At least, they like the idea of it. The Global Cognitive Assessment and Training market is expected to hit over $18 billion USD by 2027, proving that ‘good enough’ isn’t everyone’s mantra.

Brain training apps like Luminosity, Elevate and Cognito have earned tens of millions of downloads, retaining hordes of devoted users.

Their appeal: the potential for ‘a better you.’

Users perform tests, play games, set reminders and more - all for a ballpark $10 monthly subscription. In the end, their smartphones become digital gurus.

Equipped with the hands-free benefits of Smart Glasses, AR (augmented reality) can take your personal development to the next level.

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Here’s how Smart Glasses would drastically improve the effectiveness of brain training apps:

Visual cues

While current apps ask users to remember key lessons and apply them to their surroundings, AR could scan any environment - offering reminders and prompts in real-time. Can’t stop slouching at your desk? Visual reminders to ‘sit up’ could flash in the corner of your eye. These prompts would be unavoidable and seamless, making development plans easier to follow.

On-the-fly lessons

Trying to learn more about your local geography? Smart Glasses could trigger tests, challenging you to remember the name of that street you’re approaching. Additionally, cyclists and other commuters could try quizzes without taking their eyes off the road, improving their memory and general knowledge.


Trying to become a better cook? Upload that recipe into the cloud and let your AR display walk you through each step. Automatic timers could even be set, with notifications triggered before your eyes. No virtual information would be distracting - it would simply sit just out of your sightline, accessible when you decide to focus on it.

Hands-free cognition

Teachers could even assign challenging AR tests to high-achieving students, which could be completed using voice commands. Users could try tests and games while performing other tasks. Need a distraction from the 6-mile run? Try a brain training quiz that requires minimal talking and a lot of thinking. You’d never even have to touch the display!
Could Smart Glasses be the personal and business development guru you never had?

The brains - and eyes - of tomorrow

Cognitive training is gaining steam in multiple social demographics. While children enjoy the challenge, corporate executives use them to stay sharp.

Retirees even use them to keep their brains active in their golden years.

Mostly hands-free, Smart Glasses would offer a vastly superior technology to developers and their subscribers. More innovative development plans could be accessed seamlessly, with users never having to drop everything and stare at their phone.

Keep an eye out, ‘the new you’ could be right around the corner - no hands required.

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