Future Friday: Viewing Made Better with Smart Glasses TV

Smart Glasses TV Will Give Viewers a Better Appreciation for their Favourite Shows

The way we watch TV has changed. Indeed, Netflix has capitalized. The billion-dollar streaming service claims they broadcast 140 million hours of content per day. Moreover, most viewers watch shows by themselves. Ultimately, the viewing experience has become highly personalized. This trend is set to accelerate with smart glasses TV.

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We here at Vuzix like to encourage discussion about smart glasses. After all, AR smart glass tech is our bread and butter. With new technology, we continue to see exciting new use cases. For example, real-time language translation software is emerging on a consistent basis..

Nevertheless, AR glasses (including the Vuzix Blade) can enhance nearly every aspect of our lives. Today, let’s talk about how they’ll enhance how we watch TV and stream online content.

The viewer experience will continue to become more personalized
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An Experience that Goes Beyond the End Credits

Until the 21st century, watching TV was a social experience. Granted, it still is - Game of Thrones dominates water cooler conversations. However, families used to gather in the living room to catch American Idol at 6pm. Now, the living room fades away.

Both kids and parents favor private screens. Obviously, technology allows this to happen. After all, smartphones are omnipresent.

However, this change has been fueled by viewer taste. Spouses and children like different shows. Consequently, streaming services use algorithms to capture individual preferences based on viewing history

Which got us thinking - viewers have more control over what they watch than ever before. Furthermore, they have more control over which viewing communities they engage with. Discussions on season finales now take place in online forums - not dining rooms.

Like Pop-Up Video, AR TV could broadcast facts about your favourite shows
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Vuzix’s Dedication to Smart GlassesTV and AR Technology

Ultimately, the viewing experience is more customizable than ever. Not only can we choose which show to watch - at any time - we can hunt down facts with lightning speed. A few taps on your iPhone will tell you Kit Harrington’s age.

However, wearable smart glasses will speed this up. Imagine wearing a headset that displays facts on any show. What’s more, you can request these answers using only your voice.

It’s like a hyper-developed version of Pop-Up Video. The 90’s show displayed fun facts about music videos and the artists starring in them.

AR TV could do the same - but for any show. One day, you could pop on that Vuzix Blade and look at your TV. The glasses could immediately detect what you’re watching. Furthermore, you could customize the feed to project only the info you want.

TV shapes the lives of so many people, creating communities of viewers around all shows. AR smart glasses will make that community as much a part of the show as the main character.

A Disclaimer Note from the Author: Sometimes on Friday we let our imagination run wild at Vuzix. With our ‘Future Friday’ segment, we explore the endless possibilities offered by smart glasses. We encourage you to provide your feedback as your input will help us make these dreams a reality.
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