Hands-Free Video Calls: Zoom-Vuzix Update Impresses Users

Video chats made better

Hands-free video calls gain popularity among teachers, white-collar workers, doctors and more. Vuzix leads this charge, offering its enhanced Zoom Connector app for its Vuzix M-Series and Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.

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As of July 2020, a bevvy of new features improve the user experience.

Putting user feedback at the forefront of these changes, Zoom is easier than ever to use on Vuzix Smart Glasses.

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Big changes mean big improvements

Whether it’s in the operating room or the warehouse, these hands-free devices change the way many jobs are performed.

Today, they improve the video call experience.

Check out the changes we’ve made to our Zoom Connector app:

  • Voice controls: Enter any meeting using your voice! Use either voice-to-text dictation or the device’s keyboard to input meeting IDs.
  • Instant meeting: After logging in, a meeting is instantly created - bringing you closer to your colleagues and friends, faster.
  • Favorites: Save meeting rooms to a device! No more entering lengthy IDs to access a room you visit every day. This is perfect for colleagues sharing devices.
  • Calendar: After opening the app, simply choose a meeting from the calendar. No more searching for room IDs for pre-scheduled meetings!
  • Scan that barcode: Generate a barcode for your next meeting! Scan with your M400 Smart Glasses to enter.

Zoom on Vuzix Smart Glasses is better than ever.

Are Smart Glasses the future of video calls?

In the COVID-19 world, Zoom’s popularity skyrocketed. More enterprise users and consumers than ever were exposed to the technology.

In the 2020s, Smart Glasses could replace smartphones, laptops and tablets as our video chat device-of-choice.

This latest software update to our Connector app will surely increase that likelihood.

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