Harnessing the Collective Knowledge of Healthcare Professionals with Vuzix Smart Glasses

Talking Telemedicine and Smart Glasses

The operating room is a magnet for innovation. No doubt, smart glasses and augmented reality technology is set to revolutionize the way surgeons and other healthcare practitioners save lives. Director of Business Development and Strategic Relationships Matt Margolis recently spoke to the emergence of these hands-free devices in the OR.

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Speaking at the Telehealth Secrets Conference 2019, Matt discussed the potential for smart glasses to make the medical field more efficient - positively impacting the lives of countless patients.

While this transformation has just begun, Vuzix has successfully made life easier for surgeons on a small scale. For starters, Dr. Shafi Ahmed livestreams surgeries and lessons using Vuzix smart glasses.

Vuzix smart glasses are already being used by healthcare providers. Credit: Boastvr.com

The 5th generation of computers

This means that medical students from around the world can receive training directly from the operating table. Even better - the teacher isn’t burdened by their recording device.

Evidently, the training implications are endless. Surgeons can perform without being distracted by a camera or phone, bringing viewers closer than ever before. Additionally, be it for training or collective surgery, glasses allow users and their shared audience to annotate and circle points of interest - without getting in the way of surgery.

However, the benefits of Vuzix smart glasses aren’t limited to operating theaters, as some patients who are unable to leave the home have learned.

Vuzix’s Matt Margolis speaking at Telehealth Secrets Conference 2019

Harnessing collective knowledge

Healthcare providers have live-streamed outings - like visits to the zoo or theatre - to bedridden patients. This rids feelings of loneliness or isolation, allowing those in recovery to partake in everyday events with intimate detail.

Matt’s presentation explores Vuzix’s successes and trials to date, as well as the present and past state of the smart glasses industry.

Moreover, it explores the educational benefits of live-streaming procedures. If they encounter something they’re not familiar with, they’ll be able to broadcast their POV to a vast network of medical experts.

Checkout Matt’s presentation here - and how smart glasses will allow medical professionals to harness the collective knowledge of healthcare circles the world over.

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