Helping Wounded War Veterans with Vuzix Smart Glasses

Improving quality of life with the M300XL

When it comes to tech advances, the term ‘innovation’ is thrown around a lot. Granted, even the most subtle breakthroughs can be considered groundbreaking if they make someone’s life even the slightest bit easier.

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However, there’s a difference between making it easier for runners to track their route and making it easier for combat veterans to rehabilitate from battlefield injuries.

The Vuzix M300XL smart glasses are making it easier for wounded veteran amputees to be mobile – see the inspiring video here.

A finalist in the 2017 Pitt Innovation Challenge – which challenges creative minds to tackle difficult health issues – Movisu-Fit used the Vuzix M300XL smart glasses to help combat veterans monitor their walking.

Making an impact that matters

The Movisu-Fit program allows patients to track key rehabilitation info hands-free. When walking, the glasses provide a real-time walking assessment - focusing on balance and weight distribution

Improper form triggers a red indicator. Proper form triggers green.

Vuzix is proud to provide technology that gives amputees more autonomy on the path to recovery. Evidently, smart glasses will continue to play a major role in the future of healthcare.

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