Hot Swapping on Vuzix Smart Glasses Means Uninterrupted Work

What is hot swapping and why does it matter to Smart Glasses users?

More surgeons are recording and streaming operations using Smart Glasses with each passing month. Some surgeries take hours...doctors can’t afford to interrupt a broadcast being captured by their wearable displays.

Yet, all batteries eventually need replacing. This presents a problem, as most Smart Glasses need to be shut down or put to sleep to replace a battery.

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Fortunately for the medical community and all those who benefit, Vuzix devices don’t have to worry about this situation. Be it a doctor in the Operating Room or a field service worker streaming a first-person account of a complicated repair to their supervisor, dead batteries cannot mean the end of a broadcast.

Hot swapping on Vuzix Smart Glasses allows users to replace batteries without forcing viewers and conversation partners to rejoin sessions. Devices keep functioning and even give wearers advance warning of a dying battery, avoiding disastrous consequences.

Hot swapping is incredibly useful on Smart Glasses. The technique means workers can perform their jobs without interruption, downloading new applications without having to turn off their hands-free device.

What if doctors had to turn off their Smart Glasses in the middle of a critical surgery to replace the battery? Vuzix offers the industry’s only “true” hot swapping devices when changing batteries.

Hot swapping benefits business owners and workers

Doctors in developing countries stream procedures to world-class colleagues. On Smart Glasses that don’t sport Vuzix’s logo, a dead battery could cost lives.

Vuzix Smart Glasses offer “true” hot swapping, meaning users can easily replace batteries on-the-fly. The internal battery on Vuzix devices makes this possible, meaning zero down time for users.

The benefits of hot swapping on Vuzix Smart Glasses:

On the fly

Is your display indicating the battery’s about to die? Instead of saving everything and preparing to shut down the device, replace the battery and immediately get back to work.

Remote field perfection

Technicians and engineers are already benefiting. Consider the frustrations of a dead battery meaning a five minute delay or – in a worst-case scenario – a work stoppage? Instead, workers can keep their supervisors in the loop and meet repair deadlines.

Battery, stat

Surgeons are using Smart Glasses with greater regularity. Without hot swapping, a dead battery could mean the difference between life and death. Doctors rely on AR applications to walk them through complex procedures. Without these digital reference points, a patient’s mortality rate could go up.

Customer Support

Customer support has already seen a big improvement by providing remote, instant support to critical systems. With Vuzix’s hands free capabilities and hot swapping, users can keep the system running and perform critical support without the need to worry about battery life.

Businesses that have integrated Smart Glasses into their operations are already seeing the financial benefits of hot swapping.

The Vuzix M-Series and other wearable displays are helping workers perform job functions quicker and more accurately.

Reach out and witness the Vuzix advantage for yourself.

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