How Close Are Mission Impossible Smart Glasses?

Series inspires rise of smart glasses

The Mission Impossible franchise makes a habit of showcasing some seriously advanced tech. In 2000, the series’ second installment started with a bang, as Ethan Hunt receives his impossible mission via smart glasses.

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While free climbing on ‘vacation’ in Utah, the leading man is briefed with a pair of Oakley Romeo sunglasses. Before exploding in a glorious blast of cinematic fun, the lenses broadcast mission info.

The film turns 20 this year – which begs the question: how close are you to owning a pair?

When can you own a pair of smart glasses similar to those used by Ethan Hunt?
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Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Your answer: not long. Augmented reality (AR) tech advances quickly. What’s more, no device harnesses the power of AR better than smart glasses.

Soon, they could complement every smartphone. Then, they could make smartphones obsolete.

Here’s a taste of what Vuzix Smart Glasses already offer:

  1. Stream anywhere: Go for a walk and stay up-to-date with your favorite Netflix shows. A non-intrusive projection streams video into the corner of your eye.
  2. At-home checkups: Caregivers can stream first-person POV’s to off-site experts. This means there’s no reason for society’s most vulnerable to visit the doctor’s office. Hello, telemedicine.
  3. Facial recognition: Available in the near future, security and healthcare workers can guarantee a venue’s safety. Customers must opt-in to a database that stores recent COVID-19 tests. Test positive? Go home.
  4. Augmented swimming: Master any stroke with Smart Swim goggles, giving swimmers the power of the cloud. You can even stream movies while underwater.
  5. Hands-free teleconferencing: Equipped with Skype and Zoom, attend meetings and catch-up with friends while taking the dog for a walk.
  6. Real-time translation: Imagine having subtitles for real life. On vacation in Tokyo? With a pair of Vuzix Smart Glasses, there’s no need to rely on a translator.

Hone your inner Ethan Hunt with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses
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Pop culture and smart glasses

The Mission Impossible series offers a platform for audiences to see tech that’s on the horizon.

Just like Star Trek inspired the Nokia flip phone, films like MI2 inspire the augmented age.

Smart glasses offer a hands-free, seamless way to connect with the digital world. Their adoption is a natural evolutionary step.

Luckily, yours won’t self-destruct after their first use.

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