How Healthcare Leaders can Seamlessly Equip Medical Staff with AR Smart Glasses

The need for contact-free healthcare has rapidly improved wearable display capabilities

Even before March 2020, hospital administrations across the developed world identified one emerging technology as a medical game changer. Smart Glasses are a cost-effective way to treat a greater volume of patients without compromising efficiency.

While social distancing protocols played a large role in streamlining the technology’s integration, a nationwide skills shortage in the US also provided motivation. This shortage means that 53 out of 100 open positions lie vacant from coast to coast.

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AR on Smart Glasses is a natural solution to the skills gap

Administrators who’ve successfully equipped their medical staff with AR (augmented reality) displays are trailblazers. Their pioneering spirit benefits the lives of not only their team members, but the patients their hospital serves.

Below, you’ll find some of the challenges they consistently overcome when onboarding Vuzix Smart Glasses.

By harnessing AR (augmented reality), Smart Glasses have the potential to transform global healthcare. How can administrators navigate the challenges of introducing AR programs at hospitals?

The challenges of implementing AR programs at hospitals

Inter-departmental frustrations

The medical staff understands Smart Glasses can increase productivity, collaboration and more. Since championing the deployment of a new hardware device may be daunting to healthcare workers, Vuzix product experts work directly with teams to remove barriers between IT departments that certify and deploy devices and the medical staff that benefit from the devices.

Finding the right use case

Understanding the different use cases isn’t exactly intuitive. Because the medical field is so sophisticated and Smart Glasses technology is so new, it takes time for specialists to identify ways that AR can help. The overwhelming success among early adopters proves this barrier is easily navigated. Benefits are already being felt.

Budgetary considerations

The long-term financial benefits of using Smart Glasses are significant. However, many hospitals don’t have the luxury of committing to investments even though the payoff can be immediate. Administrators should onboard the technology as early as possible to speed up how quickly they reap the rewards.

We need help

As is always the case with new technologies, service and support is required. Vuzix product experts are always available to solve issues and educate medical specialists about the many benefits of wearable displays.
Although these challenges seem daunting, the medical world is characterized by its innovative spirit and ironclad work ethic.
As Vuzix Smart Glasses continue to make life easier for more and more medical specialists, the benefits will undoubtedly be felt in other industries.
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