How Medical Field AR Smart Glasses will Revolutionize Healthcare

Patients and Doctors to Benefit from Medical Field AR Smart Glasses

Few places benefit more from tech advances than hospitals. Indeed, patients in need of medical attention are much better off than they were a century ago. Furthermore, what were once considered miracles are now routine procedures for doctors in the developed world. Now, medical field AR (augmented reality) glasses will offer another major breakthrough in patient care.

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Not only can they radically improve a doctor’s performance, they can improve the quality of patient care and significantly reduce overall costs. This is a major concern for hospitals that want to provide the best care in a cost effective way.

Medical field AR glasses can ensure that a doctor’s clipboard is always at the ready. Consequently, doctors can use their immaculately-trained hands to save lives instead of handling documents.

Medical field AR glasses will allow doctors to use their hands for what matters most. Credit: SafeBee

No Need to Fly-In the Experts

With smart glasses, the task of deciphering a doctor’s handwriting will go the way of the dinosaur. Instead, medical professionals will be able to transcribe patient visits using voice technology. The Vuzix Blade and Vuzix M300XL smart glasses are equipped with this feature.

Additionally, experts will no longer need to travel directly to patients. Vuzix smart glasses will allow doctors to provide remote training or offer over-the-shoulder support to other medical professionals in real-time.

Moreover, they will ultimately be able to use see-what-I-see video software to annotate and share key findings with the medical professional wearing smart glasses. Ultimately, this will save patient care facilities immense time and money otherwise spent on travel or airfare.

Medical info will be relayed in real-time to surgeons mid-operation. Credit: VRFocus

Vuzix Works to Ease the Lives of Healthcare Practitioners

Digital technology isn’t new to the medical world. Indeed, medical professionals today regularly use their smartphones or computers to research symptoms and treatments. Traditional methods of communication and research will not disappear overnight. However, the use of smart glasses to provide patient care in a more efficient and cost effective way is in reach for an industry that embraces innovation.

Moreover, wearable smart glasses already complement smartphones in a number of industries. Already, warehousing teams use them to provide real-time instructions.

Additionally, technicians across a variety of disciplines already use Vuzix M300XL smart glasses to provide live training. Technicians in the field can receive guidance from experts remotely.

Granted, it will take time for medical field AR technology to be widely adopted. However, consumers latch onto advanced tech quickly. Consider that smartphone adoption rates continue to exceed expectations. Between 2015 and 2019, global use increased by nearly 20%. Similarly, the smartwatch industry could be worth nearly $30 billion by 2022.

Evidently, technology that allows consumers easier access to their digital lives is incredibly valuable. Vuzix is at the forefront of this shift - one that will save lives.

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