Improve Personnel Safety with Security Viewer for Vuzix Smart Glasses

See what’s around the corner before you approach it

A new app for Vuzix Smart Glasses could save the lives of security personnel. Security Viewer’s function is simple, but innovative.

Imagine a security guard walking the dimly lit halls of a mall at night. Thieves could lurk around any corner, a reality that forces night watchpeople to stay vigilant for extended lengths of time.

What if they could see what’s around any corner as they approach it?

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The technology protects lives and businesses. It works in the following way:

  • Connect your Vuzix Smart Glasses to a security camera network
  • Program the app to show a certain camera’s feed on the Smart Glasses display via simple voice command or swipe gestures, from the convenience of the control room or while walking the site
  • App code is open source and available for developers to add geofencing functionality
  • Through geofencing, personnel will automatically see what’s around that next corner
Imagine walking through a factory and seeing footage of what’s around the next corner. Security Viewer for Smart Glasses makes that happen
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Compatible with the
Vuzix RTSP Streamer, Security Viewer is available on the following Smart Glasses models:

This state-of-the-art technology offers a new form of security surveillance that could one day set the industry standard.

It’s not a stretch to say the app lets users see the future.

Business owners and security firms can improve guard working conditions and reduce burglaries with the Security Viewer.

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