Influencers Wise to Embrace Smart Glasses

Next-level connection

Vlogging has become a cultural staple. Whatever your interest, there are countless influencers to follow and connect with. Smart Glasses could improve the content they produce.

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Strapping a tripod to your chest and walking through a convention centre isn’t ideal. Although socially acceptable, this experience is improved with discretion.

With Smart Glasses, vloggers could operate cameras hands-free. Just remember to get those release forms signed.

Smart Glasses would eliminate the need to carry around heavy vlogging equipment
Credit: Gowling WLG

Why AR could improve influencer-follower relations

Influencers have grown in prominence for a good reason: everyone wants to connect.

Some ways Smart Glasses could bring you closer to your favorite online personality:

  1. See what I see: Wherever an influencer goes, Smart Glasses could capture their POV. Be it a convention floor or after-party, they could mark-up their perspective with branded virtual decor.
  2. Instant feedback: During live streams, comments and questions could be displayed in an influencer’s lenses. No more breaking that flow to read from a smartphone or screen.
  3. Snap!: Instead of setting up burdensome camera equipment, just say “take a picture.” This hands-free capability allows for some amazing candid shots.
  4. Speech to text: Writing a blog or tweet could eventually be done hands-free. Simply speak, and text would appear in the lenses.

AR equipment are signatures of the upcoming era
Image credit: K7 Tech

Smart Glasses have endless applications

Like it or not, social media influencers have a place in modern life. Especially for Millennials and Gen Z, these tech-savvy socialites frame many worldviews.

With AR tech, Smart Glasses could enhance their vlogging and blogging capabilities.

This technology is set to affect countless jobs - in a positive way.

The world is changing. Smart Glasses could ease the transition.

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