Invite Multiple Experts to Video Conferences with Vuzix Remote Assist (VRA)

Taking remote support to the next level

Powered by Vuzix Smart Glasses, hands-free video calls have gained popularity in 2020. This shift has been spearheaded by business owners, who are tasked with ensuring their team’s health while satisfying the next generation of worker’s training requirements.

The transition to hands-free augmented reality (AR) devices is practical from a health and financial standpoint. Broadcasting their POV to off-site experts through a camera mounted on their Smart Glasses, trainees in countless industries get real-time guidance. Monitoring from a smartphone or laptop, experts can provide real-time instructions. Be it a transformer, operating table, or classroom module, instructors can take pictures of their students POV and mark up learning points with annotation software.

Now, a new development is taking AR video conferencing to the next level.

Video chats on Vuzix Smart Glasses with VRA are no longer limited to 2 partners. With the new Vuzix Remote Assist, users can pull multiple experts into the conversation at once.

Vuzix Remote Assist (VRA) allows field workers to video chat with multiple partners. Say hello to your team with hands-free multi-conferencing.
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Through high-resolution streaming and imagery, team members can connect over video - even in areas with poor reception and/or low-res streaming.
Here’s an example of how multi-conferencing with Vuzix Remote Assist can improve a business’ operations:
  • Working safely from their laptops, an audit team takes in a virtual walkthrough
  • Wearing Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses while walking through their warehouse, the on-site client streams their POV in real-time to the entire team
  • Using the touchpad located on the Smart Glasses temple arm, the client can take pictures, zoom in and enhance images, scroll through chat partners, and mute or unmute themselves
  • Even in areas of the site with poor reception, high-res images can still be captured and sent to the audit team
  • Audit team members can annotate high-res pictures they receive while still monitoring the existing feed
  • For auditors, it’s the next best thing to walking the warehouse themselves. They get a firm sense of what the wearer is seeing and are able to provide a credible inspection
Multi-conferencing over VRA offers long-term benefits to businesses. Eliminating the need to fly experts to different job sites, the technology provides immediate ROI.
New users can receive the first 60 days of streaming free. Through the Vuzix Blade, M4000, M400, M300, or M300XL, multi-conferences support up to 5 users at once.
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