Is the Metaverse Possible Without Smart Glasses?

Digital future to rely on wearable display tech

The internet as you know it is about to change. In fact, the 2D, search-based internet will soon be replaced by a 3D, immersive world that mirrors the real world.

We’re speaking, of course, about the Metaverse. Yet, most business owners and consumers don’t fully understand how this new concept is set to change life as we know it.

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Simply put, the Metaverse will take everything we love about the modern internet and place it in a highly-interactive, 3D realm. Yes, something like how the popular film Ready Player One portrays the near future.

While there are similarities to the film’s VR-fueled world, the Metaverse will have practical benefits far beyond the world of gaming. In fact, smart glasses are set to project the digital world over the real one. This is unlike the goggles used by the film’s characters, which completely immerses them in a different world.

This begs an important question: can the Metaverse become our primary way of using the internet without the assistance of wearable displays, like Vuzix(R) smart glasses?

The forthcoming Metaverse will likely rely heavily on smart glasses.

The forthcoming Metaverse will likely rely heavily on smart glasses..

The Metaverse and wearable display tech

Soon, workers and consumers will experience the internet as digital avatars, teleporting throughout endless 3D environments. However, this future isn’t possible without the technology that connects all the hidden systems that serve as the network’s foundation.

By giving users the power of AR (augmented and assisted reality), smart glasses allow technicians, supply chain workers, and a variety of other professionals to benefit from digital overlays that project atop real world objects.

These capabilities are soon to become staples of the Metaverse. By making them accessible to businesses, Vuzix offers the world a glimpse of the internet of tomorrow.

The sophistication of smart glasses technology should skyrocket alongside the Metaverse’s adoption rate.

After all, there’s no way to access a 3D world without a hands-free wearable display.

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