It’s Now Easier To View Documents with Vuzix Smart Glasses

Navigate a floating library with ease

Vuzix has made it easier to view documents on its M-Series line of Smart Glasses.

No, we’re not talking about physical documents...AR (augmented reality) allows users to interact with floating PDFs.

The innovation is seamless:

  • While wearing Smart Glasses, move your head to move around the document.
  • Looking left or right allows you to scan the page.
  • Head tracking software makes this possible – and easy.
  • Adjust the movement sensitivity settings according to your preference.

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This breakthrough is a game-changer for businesses who rely on virtual documents, as PDFs can be accessed and navigated hands-free. This includes complex work instructions, machine diagrams, repair manuals, troubleshooting guides, and more.

Voice commands make things even easier, allowing users to zoom and scroll content.

Developments like this mean one thing: the use of physical documents will continue to shrink in comparison to virtual ones. Imagine downloading a magazine to read through your Smart Glasses at the airport, or a technician downloading a reference manual to read hands-free before working in an area with poor WiFi.

Just as Elle magazine is making it easier for readers to consume articles with AR, Vuzix has made it easier for users to read and work with virtual documents through Smart Glasses.
Image credit: VRScout

Tapping into augmented potential

With each software development, Vuzix accelerates how quickly Smart Glasses earn widespread adoption. For now, that adoption is focused on the business community, as executives invest heavily in the technology.

Although it may seem small, the ability to seamlessly read any PDF hands-free is yet another standard function of Vuzix Smart Glasses that sets them apart.

Such innovations are paving the way for companies like Verizon to introduce their massive customer-bases to wearable display tech.

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