Keanu Reeves’ Replicas Explores Smart Glasses Potential

“Whoa,” Sci-fi showcases AR future

Cloning one’s family is a job that requires both hands. In 2018’s Replicas, Keanu Reeves plays a scientist who relies heavily on smart glasses to play God.

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While the film is no cinematic classic, it imagines how important augmented reality (AR) could be in the near future.

Using CGI, audiences can see how tomorrow’s scientists perform complex procedures using the technology.

Basically: smart glasses are the ultimate project management tool.

Smart glasses are the best thing about the 2018 film.
Credit: CinemaBlend

Smart glasses for professionals, consumers

Although transferring a person’s consciousness into a new host is far-fetched, the chance to manipulate a digital environment could soon be yours.

Vuzix Smart Glasses are already capable of the following:

  1. Teleconference, from anywhere: With Skype or Zoom, there’s no need to awkwardly hold that phone in front of your face. Friends and colleagues stay in the corner of your eye, allowing for hands-free conversations.
  2. Security clarity: With facial recognition software, guards can scan large crowds for threats.
  3. Real-time translation: Like subtitles for real life, live transcription means no more language barriers.
  4. AR rehab: Already improving the lives of combat veterans, smart glasses give patients hands-free rehabilitation information. Lenses broadcast proper walking form, making ‘recovery road’ more accessible.
  5. See what your drone sees: Control your drone hands-free. Its perspective broadcasts onto your smart glasses lens.

Life in hospitals, warehouses and care homes are improved by Vuzix Smart Glasses like the M300XL and M400.

Film and AR

Star Trek is credited with shaping modern smartphones. Reality often mimics fiction, and smart glasses are no exception.

Films like Mission Impossible, Minority Report and Kingsman: The Golden Circle imagine what smart glasses could soon be like.

While Replicas will never have the influence of these films, it showcases how the technology could improve our lives.

However, it has far more productive (and realistic) uses than transferring the human mind into a synthetic body.

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