Knee, Shoulder & Spine Surgeries Powered by Vuzix Smart Glasses

CE marking and FDA approval point to promising future

Healthcare deserves to be considered the most innovative of any industry. Re-making itself in the wake of physical distancing protocols, medical professionals have a reputation for embracing change.

From achieving the mind-blowing goal of creating a vaccine within twelve months to normalizing telemedicine among GPs, the field has taken monumental strides in the past year.

But the progressive thinking doesn’t end there. Hands-free and voice-controlled, Smart Glasses have entered the Operating Room en masse. Doctors are now relying on the devices to perform knee surgeries.

Now, Vuzix Smart Glasses have taken another step forward in the healthcare arena, earning clearance for use in knee, shoulder and spine procedures in Europe.

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They’ve also earned US Food and Drug Administration approval to assist in shoulder procedures.

  • These clearances should begin to normalize Smart Glasses in both American and European operating theaters
  • NextAR is the surgical software that runs on Vuzix’s wearable devices. Created by Medacta International, the innovation powered the first US-based total knee replacement surgery over Smart Glasses in 2020
  • The tech allows doctors to simply look at a patient and scan them before any operation. Algorithms then create a personalized replacement orthotic - greatly reducing the surgery duration. Then, the AR (augmented reality) display guides a surgeon throughout the procedure, projecting helpful visualizations over operation areas
Vuzix Smart Glasses can now assist in the execution of knee, shoulder and spine applications, having received CE marking in Europe and FDA approval in the US.
Image credit: Medical Device News by Guided Solutions

Why go hands-free?

Healthcare administrations that equip their doctors with Smart Glasses are already seeing the financial benefits.

Wearable displays reduce surgery times, errors, and eliminate the need for alternative technologies that are comparatively much more expensive.

Smart Glasses in the OR don’t just save lives - they save medical budgets.

See the full press release here.

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