Location Support on Vuzix Smart Glasses Evolves

New upgrade provides capabilities of smartphones

The enterprise world has embraced Smart Glasses. In particular, field service workers (technicians, installers, engineers) enjoy the device’s many hands-free benefits.

These users often require location information to perform tasks – most notably, to audit their work where GPS info helps employers track their team’s performance.

Previously, M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses could only offer location information in certain conditions. With the latest M400 and M4000 Operating System and Vuzix Companion App, these Smart Glasses can retrieve the location in any environment where your smartphone can get a location.

Users can monitor and broadcast their location in the corner of their eye...from anywhere.

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Why Vuzix users will benefit from this update:

  • With GPS location from the Vuzix Companion App on iOS or Android smartphones, the Vuzix glasses will have accurate location data in a wider range of environments.
  • All applications that use GPS data on the Vuzix Smart Glasses will automatically incorporate the GPS data from the smartphone whenever it is available to get this improved location performance - even third-party applications.
  • This enables many field support applications to automatically share your location with your colleagues – no hands required.
  • Auditing and inspection applications can seamlessly embed location info in documents and reports, making it easier for field service workers to keep HQ up-to-date on their progress.
  • Highly accurate location info can now be recorded in the hands-free photos and videos taken by workers on job sites.
  • The existing privacy controls that prevent unwanted apps from monitoring and sharing your location without your permission, work identically for location data from your smartphone, giving you peace of mind.

Responding to customer demands, Vuzix has upgraded device location software on its enterprise Smart Glasses, including the M4000 (pictured).

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