Marketing’s Future Goes Through Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality

AR to bring brands closer to consumers

In today’s marketing landscape, mobile ads are king. The throne could belong to Smart Glasses in the near future, as augmented reality (AR) serves as a filter between the digital and real world.

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Imagine looking at a bus stop ad for five seconds. Through your Smart Glasses, a 3D-rendered commercial could trigger.

Playing in the corner of your eye, this ad could lead you down a highly-interactive marketing funnel.

AR is already changing marketing. Smart Glasses could offer a more seamless experience than smartphones.
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Why Smart Glasses could revolutionize marketing, advertising

Today, marketers must rely exclusively on search engines and traditional methods to attract the wandering eye.

While online ads, billboards and TV commercials are still the advertiser’s weapons-of-choice, Smart Glasses could birth an entirely new type of ad.

How AR could change advertising and marketing with Smart Glasses:

  1. The wandering eye: We’ve already discussed this, but imagine reading a billboard on your way home from work. Your curiosity could trigger a visual spectacle - just for you. From fireworks displays to jokes on-the-fly, such experiences could be highly personalized.
  2. Watching the game: Once major sports leagues incorporate AR, the ability to read the bio of any player on the field could be paid for with ads. That Coca-Cola banner could morph into a dancing bottle as your favorite quarterback throws a touchdown.
  3. Product placements 2.0: Watching TV without Smart Glasses could soon become archaic. Eventually, physical screens could become extinct as you throw virtual monitors around the house. When watching a show, AR could trigger fun facts mid-scene. Ads could also activate, as the mascot on a character’s cereal box flips you a promo code.
  4. AR genie: With voice control, Smart Glasses could read your speech for products you could use. Always lamenting that malfunctioning vacuum? Great deals on top-of-the-line models could appear in the corner of your eye.

With Smart Glasses, it would be easier than ever for marketers to target effective ads at consumers.
Image credit: Investor’s Business Daily

Vuzix Smart Glasses making quantum leaps

While this article considers the future of Smart Glasses, the technology enjoys success in the present.

Check out what Vuzix Smart Glasses can already do:

Marketers and advertisers adapted to the digital age, as laptops and smartphones replaced newspapers and cable TV. In the end, they benefited.

The same should happen for those who embrace Smart Glasses.

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