Mars Residents Could Rely On and Benefit From Smart Glasses

AR tech could make life easier for settlers

The 2020s could see the first human settlement on Mars. Obviously, there are countless hurdles to overcome before human life on the red planet becomes sustainable.

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AR (augmented reality) could improve the quality of life for anyone willing to make the 33.9 million mile trip.

Smart Glasses could provide life-saving info, help us communicate with one another and offer a welcome distraction from being so far away from home.

Smart Glasses could be a fixture of life on Mars, other planets with human settlements

Aiding our interplanetary mission

Elon Musk believes humanity must become a multiplanetary species. Setting major financial and technological obstacles aside, long-term stays on foreign planets won’t be for the faint of heart.

Here’s how Smart Glasses could make life better for galactic settlers:

  • Real-time info: A dust storm is set to devastate a populated settlement. What’s the best way to warn its 2 million inhabitants? Live prompts on Smart Glasses could preserve entire generations. These warnings could be customized to individuals, using machine learning and AI.
  • Translation services: Scientists believe interstellar flights will significantly change human language. One-hundred years late to the interplanetary party? No problem, real-time transcription services are already available. They’re like subtitles for everyday life!
  • Games! Games! Games!: There’s no better way to take your mind off the existential crisis of leaving earth than with AR competitions! Entire rooms could be set aside, dedicated to digitally-rendered environments seen only through Smart Glasses. Game nights would be out of this world!
  • Augmented planet: The world you see without Smart Glasses could be very different from the one seen through them. Imagine waking up in your room on Mars. Lonely? Strap on those glasses and experience life in a video game. Every aspect could be customizable, from virtual posters on your walls to the 3D creatures you populate the environment with!
  • Work made easy: From technicians fixing drones in the field to surgeons in the O.R., off-site experts could see their first-person POVs. Plus, tasks could be gamified and mapped. Finished with step 1 of fixing the generator? Say “Step 2” and follow the instructions. This is already happening on earth!

In the 2020s, Smart Glasses could be a common sight in urban areas
Credit: Road to VR

The immediate future of Smart Glasses, AR tech

These are just a few ways the tech could be used throughout the Milky Way...and beyond.

Before Smart Glasses help us settle Mars, they’re set to replace smartphones over the next decade. The COVID-19 pandemic pushes the tech forward, as businesses must navigate social distancing measures.

Do you think Smart Glasses could help make humanity an interplanetary species?

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