Master Any Stroke with Smart Swim Goggles

Smart Swim a breakthrough in swimming tech

It’s been said that one strand of hair is the difference between Olympic gold and not making the podium. Augmented reality could be the next difference-maker in water sports, separating ‘haves’ from ‘have-nots’. Smart Swim by Vuzix Labs could usher in this new era in swimming tech.

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The theory behind Smart Swim goggles is simple: they’re underwater smart glasses that give swimmers the benefits of digital tech.

With the power of the cloud in their goggles, swimmers have access to an underwater heads-up display (HUD).

Smart Swim is a gamechanger for water sports enthusiasts
Credit: Next Reality

Next-level training

Simply put, Smart Swim goggles are the most advanced smart goggles ever to hit the consumer market.

The features are revolutionary:

  • Stream video content during swimming workouts. Yes, the goggles are wi-fi enabled
  • Easily strap a pair to your favorite goggles
  • Harness the power of Bluetooth to view and share session results on your phone
  • Swim for 7+ hours on one charge
  • A 9-axis sensor tracks every movement for accurate and detailed feedback
  • Built-in sensors combine with a timer, compass and GPS to maximize results

Like having an instructor in your ear, Smart Swim goggles are revolutionary

Smarter workouts

The device isn’t exclusively for Michael Phelps. On the contrary, the invention is a gamechanger for professionals, amateurs and recreational swimmers alike.

The insights provided should impact competitive circuits. After all, more accurate training metrics breed higher performance.

Smart Swim could one day become the favored smart goggles of Olympic swimmers. The device won two Innovation Awards at CES.

Strap on a pair and jump in the deep end - the future of swimming is here.

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