Mayor’s Nursing Home Visit Powered by Vuzix Smart Glasses

Dutch Mayor gets ‘face time’ with healthcare workers, residents

Holland was shocked to hear the mayor of Maassluis visited his town’s largest nursing home in November.

The visit was unprecedented. What would local health authorities make of it?

Luckily, the story made headlines for good reasons. The entire visit was virtual, as Mayor Haan took it in from the safety of his office. His view of the residence was provided by a small HD camera mounted on a pair Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses.

He spoke to residents who’d recovered from COVID-19. All parties remained safe during the visit thanks to augmented reality (AR) tech.

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Obviously, the circumstances of the visit paled in comparison to the real thing. Yet, Mayor Haan was impressed by the Smart Glasses:

“It’s wonderful to see that innovative applications like Smart Glasses make it possible to meet and see each other [during the pandemic]. This way we stay connected.” (Translated)

See what I see: Interacting through Smart Glasses worn by a resident, a Dutch Mayor visits nursing home residents
Checkout the Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses

Technology that allows us to connect while maintaining social distancing protocols have exploded during the 2020 pandemic. More businesses than ever are turning to Smart Glasses, which offer hands-free access to the digital world.

While Mayor Haan uses it to speak with those recovering from COVID-19, other use cases steadily grow:

Smart Glasses could soon become commonplace in jobsite visits and video calls. Vaccine rollouts won’t ensure herd immunity until late 2021 at the earliest.

That gives us plenty of time to embrace the exciting new technology.

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