MicroLED on Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses a CES 2021 Hit

A Hi-Def filter for the real world

What’s better than a major breakthrough in display tech? The answer: a breakthrough in display tech that you can access hands-free, from anywhere.

The toast of CES 2021, Vuzix’ Next Gen Smart Glasses are astonishingly sleek. At first glance, they look like nothing more than a pair of stylish eyeglasses.

You wouldn’t know the wearer could use them to access all the benefits of their phone using voice commands or gestures.

Yet, the Smart Glasses are earning praise for another reason - their microLED display.

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Available on 4K TVs - most notably, Samsung’s The Wall - the compact technology sets the standard for projection display engines.

Capable of taking up less cubic space than a pencil eraser, the microLED projectors are visible both in and outdoors.

When released later this year, Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses will feature the world’s smallest microLED display engines.

Vuzix Next Generation Smart Glasses are equipped with MicroLED technology - greatly enhancing display quality.
Image credit: CNET

Businesses swarm Smart Glasses technology

MicroLED tech is ideal for on-the-go Smart Glasses users. Fit neatly into the lenses, the display adjusts its resolution to software demands.

Business owners have relied on Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses for years. That reliance became more intense starting March 2020. The hands-free tech improves workplace efficiency for leaders who’ve onboarded the technology.

Vuzix Smart Glasses continue to benefit the following sectors, among others:

With MicroLED projectors augmenting your view of the world, Vuzix Smart Glasses improve productivity and efficiency for countless businesses.

Learn how the technology can benefit you - or your business.

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