Microsoft Teams on Vuzix Smart Glasses for Streamlined Collaboration

A more intuitive way to collaborate

Businesses and governments are starting to recognize the limitless potential of Smart Glasses.

Wearable display tech is saving companies time and money around the world.

Now, it's set to bring more ways to collaborate hands-free into the enterprise mainstream, with OS update 2.1.0 on Vuzix M400 & M4000 Smart Glasses.

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Why frontline workers benefit from Microsoft Teams on Vuzix Smart Glasses:

My Meetings

The ability to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues is a must. Now, users can easily join private meetings directly from the device.

Improved Video Quality

Since remote training has found a favorite resource in Smart Glasses, crystal-clear resolution is key. Now, live video is streamed up to 720p at 30 frames per second. Trainees who broadcast their first-person POV to off-site experts should be excited.

Easier Control

The best technology is hardly noticed by users. Update 2.1.0 stays true to this fact, as “Touchpad Mouse” capabilities allow users to seamlessly interact with the app. Much like a regular mouse, users can scroll contacts, chats, and more through the headset.

A new OS update for Vuzix Smart Glasses enables access to Microsoft Teams on M400 & M4000 models

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