Mounting Accessories for M-Series Vuzix Smart Glasses

No matter your industry, M-Series mounting options have you covered

The modern era is marked by technological innovation. Perhaps no greater example of this innovation is found in the lenses of smart glasses.

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Using augmented reality (AR), the technology already makes life easier for doctors, teachers, technicians and more.

A growing list of mounting accessories for the Vuzix M400 and M300XL integrate the technology into more and more workplaces.

Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses offer a large selection of mounting accessories.
Credit: PhoneArena

Mounting accessories allow smart glasses integration with enterprise

Eventually, working without smart glasses will seem old fashioned. Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses accelerate their popularity, making hands-free work possible in countless industries.

The Vuzix team constantly works with clients to ensure smart glasses make processes easier and workers more efficient.

Some mounting accessories changing job sites today:

  1. Keep your ball cap: No need to get the sun in your eyes or compromise your style. The Hat Mount lets you rock that Yankees cap while on the job.
  2. Safety first: You don’t need to compromise your health to reap the hands-free rewards. Safety Helmet Mounts keep you safe and productive. (Pictured below).
  3. Fit any head: With a universal elastic headstrap, allow your smart glasses and side battery to sit comfortably on your head.
  4. Ambidextrous: All accessories are good for both left or right eye-dominant individuals.

Whatever your industry, Vuzix M-Series mounting accessories have you covered.

We’re just getting started...

Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses are incredibly ergonomic and flexible. They set the benchmark for integrating smart glasses and AR tech into the workplace.

The list of mounting accessories available continues to grow, as more users provide the Vuzix team with feedback.

There’s no limit to how far smart glasses can go. One day, Olympic swimmers might rely on them to get a competitive edge. Similarly, CEO’s could dub them the ultimate project management tool.

Forget your smartphone, smart glasses are the future of professional and private life.

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