Multiple Languages Supported on Zoom Companion App for Vuzix Smart Glasses

Bringing together the international business community

As the world further globalizes, technology that connects foreign markets becomes more important. Vuzix Smart Glasses play a major role in bringing different cultures together as businesses increasingly rely on the tech for communication.

From day one, Zoom on all M-Series Vuzix Smart Glasses has supported multiple languages - not limited to French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, & Japanese. They’ve all been accessible on your headset.

Now, the smartphone companion app for operating with these Vuzix Smart Glasses also supports these languages.

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As a global supplier of Smart Glasses solutions, this demonstrates Vuzix’ commitment to the international business community.

Tap into foreign markets with languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese & more on Zoom for Vuzix Smart Glasses.
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We at Vuzix are advocates of human connection and understanding. This update is in keeping with these values.

Available for $99.99/year, Zoom for Vuzix Smart Glasses helps you stay connected - from anywhere.

No hands required.

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