New Virtual Collaboration Rollout Another Step Forward for Smart Glasses in the OR

Hands-free surgical support

A major provider of virtual surgery tech has placed yet another order for Vuzix Smart Glasses.

Rods & Cones is trusted by surgeons across the world to solve Operating Room challenges.

Key among them, starting in March 2020: physical distancing limitations imposed by COVID-19.

Valued at over $1.2 million USD, the new order means more surgeons will be equipped with Vuzix’s innovative line of hands-free wearable display tech.

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Operating on the Vuzix M400, the Rods & Cones platform offers surgeons a completely hands-free HD camera.

Their feed can be streamed to students, colleagues or even specialists in foreign countries.

Broadcast in 4K, the platform allows surgeons to stream their first-person view to anyone that needs to see it. This allows deeper levels of oversight and collaboration while also satisfying social distancing protocols.

Used on Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses, the Rods & Cones platform allows surgeons to broadcast operations to students and off-site experts - drastically increasing productivity.

AR in the OR gaining momentum

The global pandemic forced global healthcare leaders to rethink their strategies.

One of the most common and forward-thinking adjustments they made: equipping staff with Smart Glasses.

Voice-controlled, these hands-free devices are saving patient lives while also saving healthcare providers money.

See the full press release here.

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