Nursing and Smart Glasses: Less Admin, More Patient Care

20/20 patient care with Smart Glasses

A nurse’s job is never done. COVID-19 has tested the resolve of frontline workers, pushing many hospitals to their limit. By harnessing augmented reality (AR), could Smart Glasses make a nurse’s job easier?

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Nurses walk over 5k every shift. Dealing with countless patients, their medical expertise, organization skills and memory are invaluable assets.

A hands-free, voice-controlled device could increase their efficiency.

Soon, augmented reality in hospitals will no longer be science fiction
Credit: AANS Neurosurgeon

How augmented reality could change hospitals

Say goodbye to clipboards.

Here’s how Smart Glasses could be a nurse’s favorite tool:

  1. Patient diagnostics: A patient’s profile could easily be catalogued and managed. This info would be summoned with voice commands.
  2. Red alerts: Has a patient’s heart rate spiked or dropped? No matter a nurse’s location, BPMs could be broadcast in the corner of their eye.
  3. Procedure assist: A patient is in need of immediate help. Action is needed now. Smart Glasses could provide recommendations and guide nurses through procedures.
  4. Roster: Who is the most senior nurse in the ward? Which doctors oversee patient care at this time? A nurse’s entire network could be made instantly available.
  5. Training: A senior nurse could broadcast their point-of-view to students in the classroom. Likewise, a rookie nurse could receive instructions from instructors who watch their first-person view.

Nursing is a demanding, thankless job. Could Smart Glasses make it easier?
Image credit: MAS Medical Staffing

Optimizing healthcare providers

Smart Glasses could save nurses a great deal of time. There’d be no need to look away from a patient to research symptoms or monitor charts.

Less administration means more time for patients.

With Smart Glasses, nurses could organize and instantly summon all the info they need.

Some ways Vuzix Smart Glasses already help the world:

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