Operate Your Drone with Vuzix Blade® Smart Glasses

Get A Drone’s-Eye View with the Vuzix Blade

Proof is everywhere: the future is here. Perhaps the greatest evidence of this reality is found in the skies. Now, technology enthusiasts can rejoice and operate a drone in conjunction with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.

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Indeed, drones have been available to the public for several years, and the underlying technology continues to improve. Similarly, the capabilities of AR smart glasses are starting to impress early adopters.

Consequently, marrying these technologies was only natural.

John Beaver, Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer’s Video Using the Vuzix Blade

Easy to Use, Easy to Fly

The decision to partner with DJI was easy to make. Skylogic research estimates that DJI has a 74% share of the overall drone market. Furthermore, 86% of all drones sold between $1k-2k are DJI. You’ll be able to operate DJI Drones like the Mavic Pro in conjunction with the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.

Several models are compatible with the Blade. They include the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and Spark.

To install the Vuzix DJI Drone app on your Vuzix Blade:

  1. Connect your Blade to Wi-Fi
  2. Link your Blade with the Companion app (iOS & Android)
  3. On the apps tab on the Companion app open App Store and login to Vuzix account
  4. Look for Drone DJI application in the App Store
  5. Install and run the Vuzix Drone DJI application. This is only needed to be done once prior to use
  6. Once authenticated, the app can run when not connected to the Internet

The Vuzix Blade’s capabilities continue to improve
Credit: Wareable

Flying with the Blade

Once setup, operating your DJI drone is fairly straightforward.

Simply connect remote controller to smart glasses and take off. The drone’s point-of-view will be projected in real time onto the wearer’s lenses.

We tested the technology at the Vuzix lab in Rochester, New York. Below, catch a glimpse of what our facility looks like at 50 feet.

A drone’s-eye view of our facility in Rochester, New York, captured with Vuzix Blade smart glasses
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