Pandemic Could Speed-Up Smart Glasses Adoption

The pandemic and tech innovation

In these unprecedented times, innovation is needed to navigate an uncertain future. Social distancing presents a major hurdle to many businesses and individuals. Fortunately, smart glasses have begun to fill several gaps.

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Widely looked upon as the successor to smartphones, the technology has received quantum leaps in awareness since the pandemic started.

From healthcare to retail, decision-makers are forced to embrace the technology as a solution.

The pandemic could speed-up the path to smart glasses, like the Vuzix M-400.

Smart glasses on the rise

Throughout history, times of great hardship trigger breakthroughs. The 2020 pandemic is the greatest global disruption since the world wars. Consider the innovations that came during these global conflicts.

Here are a few ways Vuzix smart glasses are used to navigate obstacles caused by the pandemic:

  • See what I see: A lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) means difficult choices must be made in hospitals and care homes. With smart glasses, first-person POVs can be streamed to off-site medical experts - reducing the spread.
  • Making field service work a breeze: Smart glasses are a blessing for technicians, engineers and others tasked with remote field work. Workers are guided by off-site experts over video conferencing.
  • Teleconferencing is the future: Skype and Zoom can be used to video chat with colleagues and friends on Vuzix smart glasses. The layout is non-intrusive, allowing you to even host meetings while on a walk in the park.
  • Work smarter, safer: Many industries embrace smart glasses. Physical visits to the doctor could soon be considered old fashioned, thanks to telemedicine. Meanwhile, realtors offer virtual open houses.

The pandemic has caused a global mental health crisis. Smart glasses allow people to connect in new, intimate ways.
Credit: CNBC
Speeding up the path to smart glasses?
No doubt, widespread exposure to smart glasses will be felt long after quarantine measures end.
Expect the work from home age to speed up the smart glasses revolution.
How soon until smart glasses become an everyday part of your life?
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