Prescription Solutions on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Your prescription, hands-free AR with 20/20 vision

Smart glasses gradually work their way into mainstream life. For both casual and professional users, prescription lenses are easy to get.

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As the technology grows in popularity, more is being done to make it accessible across all consumers and industries.

This is ironic, as smart glasses use augmented reality (AR) to give users hands-free access to the virtual world. In turn, it’s easier than ever to access all the benefits of the cloud.

Crystal clear vision with Vuzix Smart Glasses when ordering prescription safety glasses for whatever your industry
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Smart glasses, smarter customization

Whether you have the Vuzix Blade or any of the M-Series Smart Glasses, it's easy to get a prescription.

Use this link to learn what you need to know about getting Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses prescription lenses. For M-Series prescription safety glasses check this link.

Optometrists can expect the number of prescription requests for smart glasses to rise in the 2020s

We’re just getting started...

With each passing month, Vuzix Smart Glasses make seismic breakthroughs:

  1. Perfect your breaststroke: That’s right, underwater AR.
  2. Virtual doctor visits: POV stream to your doctor, get an instant analysis with telemedicine.
  3. Drone command: No-hands required, control your drone using voice recognition with the DJI app.
  4. Teleconferencing, made easy: Have Skype or Zoom video calls in the corner of your eye.
  5. Home schooling: Particularly for technical disciplines, instructors can broadcast their first-person POV to students, and vice versa.

Smartphones brought the digital world within everyone’s reach.

In the 2020s, smart glasses could add a layer of clarity many thought impossible.

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