Public Speaking Made Easy by Smart Glasses

A teleprompter in the corner of your eye

Speaking in front of large audiences isn’t easy – regardless of venue or audience. Whether you’re pitching a potentially huge client or coaching your daughter’s soccer team, the ability to deliver your message effectively takes practice.

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After all, a noteworthy speech can move mountains. The ability to tell a story and connect with an audience in a meaningful way is an incredibly valuable skill – one fiercely sought after by employers. It motivates action and stimulates change.

But preparing, memorizing and delivering a thoughtful speech is no cakewalk. Consider that even the world’s best broadcasters rely on teleprompters.

Smart glasses could ease a speaker’s nerves. Credit:

A toastmaster’s best friend

This innovation, introduced in the 1950's, allowed speakers to connect with their audience in an unprecedented way. Without hesitation, presenters could simply read their speech while simultaneously looking directly into the recipient’s eyes.

Smart glasses could take teleprompters a step further. Particularly at galas and awards ceremonies - where cue cards are often relied upon – smart glasses could allow speakers to read their speech without taking their eyes off the crowd.

Notes could be referred to - without anyone in the crowd being any the wiser.

As the 2020's approach, many of the big tech players are confident that smart glasses will replace smartphones as the digital hardware of choice. Practical applications like this reinforce such confidence.