Return to Work and Connect for Free to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex & More on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Always stay connected with hands-free communications in the post-COVID workplace

The developed world has nearly overcome a year-long pandemic. However, don’t expect things to completely return to the way they were in February 2020.

In particular, one revolutionary technology has left a lasting impact on personal and business life since COVID began: Smart Glasses. Businesses in education, healthcare, warehousing and more realized the advantages of hands-free wearable tech in a big way. Not only did workers become more efficient, they can perform even highly-technical tasks safely and remotely. Perhaps even more surprising: companies who invested in Smart Glasses saved a great deal of time and money.

Combined with collaboration software, this technology has helped businesses navigate an immensely challenging time. Rest assured, the changes we were forced to make were for the better. As the pandemic’s end nears, we’d like to celebrate those changes.

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Connect for Free to Popular Collaborative Software with every M400 or M4000 Purchase.

To help your team stay aligned as they return to work, Vuzix is offering free connectors to the collaboration software they use every day.

To qualify: Purchase a pair of M400 or M4000 Smart Glasses before July 4.

Get Vuzix’s entire library of collaboration apps free for an entire year with a purchase of M400 and/or M4000 Smart Glasses.
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Building Back Your Business

As businesses expand, it’s more important than ever that on-site and remote workers collaborate seamlessly with Smart Glasses.

With hands-free wearables benefiting so many businesses, those that fail to onboard the technology will fall behind.

Celebrate the return to work with the gift of intuitive, hands-free collaboration.

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