Rock Climbing and Smart Glasses: Hands-Free Tech A Natural Fit

Climbing community could soon embrace smart glasses

Whether you’re bouldering or top roping, climbing is a cerebral test. As augmented reality (AR) tech improves, smart glasses could benefit even the most expert climber.

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Like most sports, climbing is a mental game. From chalk quality to belay equipment, enthusiasts share knowledge and preferences with each other.

Along with technique, technology is at the forefront of these interactions. Smart glasses are a natural fit to enter the conversation.

Smart glasses could raise your climbing game.
Credit: Sierra Club

Voice-controlled, hands-free assistance

Gaining immense popularity in recent years, the sport demands 100% focus.

Here’s how smart glasses could eventually make you a better climber:

  1. Look ma, no hands: From switching songs to weather reports, Vuzix Smart Glasses already offers hands-free voice control with Amazon Alexa.
  2. Path marker: Unsure of a particular climb? Previous adventurers could mark their path for others.
  3. Community power: Especially in a post-pandemic world, virtual challenges are needed to light a competitive fire. Smart glasses could track stats like path, speed and elevation at any location.
  4. Virtual instructors: Using Skype or Zoom, stream your first-person POV to a remote instructor or guide. Your voice is the control pad. This tech is already being used in the medical and business worlds.
  5. Difficulty rater: If you’re exploring a spot with multiple paths, climbers could mark a climb’s rating. All you’d have to do is look at it. In the distant future, glasses could use machine learning to instantly chart and rate paths. That ‘easy’ looking climb could actually be a 5.9.

Smart glasses like the Vuzix Blade could be customized to meet climbers’ needs
Credit: Wareable

Exercise in the augmented age

Countless bouldering gyms have closed due to the 2020 pandemic. As a result, climbers need to get their fix outdoors.

As is the case with working and exercising from home, innovation is needed to navigate the new normal.

Their hands-free, voice controlled interfaces make them a perfect fit for both beginner and advanced climbers.

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