Save Time, Money with Vuzix Smart Glasses in Industry

No travel, no problem

By harnessing augmented reality (AR), Vuzix Smart Glasses have softened the blow of COVID-19 on leaders in several industries. Smart Glasses allow Vuzix partners to perform audits remotely, saving on travel expenses while also protecting clients and team members.

Relying on hands-free video calls over Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses, Vuzix partners can provide visual guidance to external auditors. Through the auditor’s first-person view, team leaders ensure audits are performed efficiently and on-time.

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Partnering with Vuzix has proven to reduce manufacturing downtime by up to 20%. More importantly, onboarding Smart Glasses into a company’s operation offers a sustainable alternative to lengthy and pricey personnel travel.

It’s easy to conduct audits remotely with Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses
How Smart Glasses save companies time, revenue

Once the global pandemic began, companies could no longer visit client sites to perform quarterly audits. For the health and financial security of everyone involved, solutions were needed.

For Vuzix partners, wearable display tech ended the search. Hands-free video chats over Skype or Zoom now make the process a breeze.

The process is simple. In-house personnel can monitor an external auditor’s point-of-view, captured in the Smart Glasses’ camera. Off-site experts can highlight points-of-interest in the camera lense and walk partners through any inspection.

Precision is guaranteed and nobody has to fly cross-country.

Reducing downtime, saving money and protecting the public’s health, Vuzix partners have found long-term solutions in M-Series Smart Glasses

COVID-19 and the rise of remote work

By using the Atheer app, personnel and external auditors link their smartphones to M400 Smart Glasses. From the safety of their home, experts can oversee repairs remotely - saving plants countless hours in downtime.

Even after the pandemic ends, companies have found a long-term solution to several operational challenges in Vuzix Smart Glasses. This relationship is a great example of how businesses can modernize through wearable display tech, protecting the public health and their bottom-line.

Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses are available now.

Recent case studies prove they offer short and long-term savings to enterprise customers.

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