Search and Rescue Efforts Doubled with Smart Glasses

Saving lives with augmented reality

Search and rescue (SAR) teams constantly look to improve their capabilities. Be it mountain, cave or elsewhere, these volunteers and pros would benefit from Smart Glasses.

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Many SAR teams are tasked with canvassing massive areas for those in help. They must use a huge arsenal of tools to get the job done.

What if they could access these tools hands-free?

Smart Glasses could improve search and rescue efforts
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How AR could make SAR personnel more efficient

Such assistance could benefit every sub-field, making it easier than ever to access mission info.

Some ways Smart Glasses could help SAR teams:

  1. Drone control: Search massive areas remotely using your voice. A rescue drone's POV is displayed in the user's lenses. Sure beats using a remote control! SAR teams already do this.
  2. Over here!: Mapping software could be displayed with voice technology. With on-call GPS, no more taking your eyes off the path to situate yourself.
  3. Thermal imaging: Particularly useful in arctic tundras, Smart Glasses could mark heat signatures through lenses. This would make it easier to find that needle in a backcountry haystack.
  4. Mission brief: No need to jog the memory, as vital info can be summoned on call. It would be displayed in a non-obtrusive way in your view.
  5. Vitals scan: Be it an injured hiker or over-zealous skier, Smart Glasses could one day perform a body scan. Software could locate injuries, ID body temperature and serve as a rescuer’s assistant.

Augmented reality Smart Glasses could change every aspect of our lives with Vuzix soon to be launched new glasses that include waveguides with holographic optics, laser and micro LED display integration.
Credit: Vuzix Corporation

The augmented age

As we venture into the 2020s, AR technology will slowly become a larger part of our lives.

This is true for the great outdoors, as Smart Glasses could enhance the abilities of all SAR personnel.

Already improving the capabilities of doctors, technicians and order pickers, the technology gains momentum.

In the future, it could mean the difference between life and death.

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