Serving Made Easy: Smart Glasses and Dining in the Near Future

Gordon Ramsay’s dreams come to life

There’s nothing quite like the frustration of a botched restaurant order. Sitting there, patiently waiting for your food...only to be disappointed by a backed-up kitchen or server who misheard your request.

What if this experience could be laid to rest by a tech innovation?

Smart Glasses give users hands-free access to the digital world’s many benefits.

Among them: the ability to capture a diner’s order in the cloud - as it's being spoken.

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Why servers and restaurateurs could soon fall in love with Smart Glasses:

Less wasted food

With speech-to-text, a microphone could transcribe a diner’s order as they give it - instantly sending it to the kitchen. This means far less food would be thrown out as “wrong orders” would become a thing of the past. Consider how much revenue this would save restaurant owners.

Diner seating 2.0

Modern hosts and hostesses use tablets to seat guests. What if seating layouts were displayed in the corner of their eye? This would mean all waitstaff could instantly be notified of new dining parties in real-time.


In the digital age, restaurants live and die by reviews. What if servers could capture an impressed guest’s testimonial on the spot? Once a diner consents, Smart Glasses could record these moments and instantly upload 5-star reviews to Yelp or Google Reviews.

Never forget a face

With facial recognition software, servers would never again forget a regular’s name. Customer names and dietary preferences could instantly appear, allowing waitstaff to curate ideal dining experiences for every guest. This also means that guests could walk into a hotspot for the first time and their server wouldn’t have to ask before handing them a gin and tonic.

Smart Glasses would ensure servers never make a mistake again - giving Gordon Ramsay no reason to berate them.
Image credit: The Telegraph

Dining enters the 21st century

As the ongoing pandemic proves, adversity breeds innovation.

Industries and businesses have tackled the past year’s challenges in different ways.

Leaders in healthcare, engineering and business operations have successfully navigated financial pitfalls with Smart Glasses.

Is the world of hospitality the next to benefit?

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