Shaping the Future of Journalism with Smart Glasses

Shaping the Future of Journalism with Smart Glasses

Reporting made easy

Modern journalists carry many tools. Not counting bulky smartphones, they conduct interviews with notepads, recorders and cameras. By harnessing augmented reality (AR), Smart Glasses could make these tools accessible - hands-free.

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Consider a typical interview. Journalists must listen attentively to interviewees while balancing their list of questions.

The notes they’ve created to prep for any meeting become a burden. Instead of helping, they create a barrier between journalist and subject.

Say goodbye to awkward smartphones and notepads. Smart Glasses could free up a journalist’s hands.
Credit: American Journalism Review

Hands-free journalistic integrity

With Smart Glasses, a journalist’s tools could be made instantly available.

How Smart Glasses could assist journalists and reporters:

  1. Speech to text: Simply look at a subject and record what they’re saying. Vuzix Smart Glasses have a built-in microphone that can even translate in real-time.
  2. Question ready: No more referring to a phone or notepad. Questions could be displayed in the corner of a journalist’s eyes.
  3. POV reporting: Ditch that bulky camera. Journalists could record their perspective at post-game media scrums.
  4. News alerts: Stop referring to a phone. Has a subject changed location? Have live updates sent directly to your field of view.
  5. Drone assist: Can’t get a shot from the ground? Guide that drone with your Smart Glasses.

By giving journalists hands-free access to the cloud, media pros could benefit from Vuzix Smart Glasses.
Image credit: AiThority

Telling the truth - minus the burden

A field reporter’s performance can suffer from their equipment.

The need to read questions off a phone could ruin personal connections with interview subjects. Stress comes from managing a camera with one hand and a microphone with the other.

With Smart Glasses, everything a journalist needs could be summoned with their voice.

Other industries Smart Glasses could improve:

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